Products designed by me with your company logo

01. Business gifts

Garbanota BUSINESS GIFTS - high quality products with a painting designed by me, to which we will add your company slogan or logo, and we will get a very original and unexpected artwork for your partners or colleagues

  1. You choose the curly product you want to donate. A shopping basket, apron, towel or toiletry bag. Or it could be a T-shirt or a sweatshirt.
  2. You choose a curly figure.
  3. And we'll subtly and artistically incorporate your logo or company name. The result is that the image I create remains effective and eye-catching, and at the same time, the product reminds people of you or your company.
This Garbanota BUSINESS GIFT is practical, unique, original and, above all, usable. So many corporate gifts that seem to have a purpose, are nice, but are hardly used or not needed at all. I make things to be enjoyed and worn.
If you want a design made for you, great. Email your idea to or call me on +37064675420. Let's create something beautiful and unexpected together!
From idea to finished design

02. Design development

I create individual product designs for companies

Have an idea, want a unique product? Business gifts for your employees, colleagues?

I create individual products or designs for my existing products. There are various options for collaboration: adapting my existing designs with your company logo or creating a completely new design, visual or product concept.

Take a look at the gallery of walls I've painted!

03. Painted walls

I draw walls for houses and commercial buildings

My first drawing on the walls was with Indre. I remember sitting at her house, enjoying her new, spacious home, drinking coffee, chatting. Indre had just moved in, lots of space and even more big, white, blank walls that were asking me - paint!!! Suddenly the conversation turns to how I've been dreaming of drawing on walls for a long time. Indre says:
- Dovile, just paint. I give you a whole wall, choose whichever one you want and draw whatever you want. I trust you, it will be really nice and I will be happy.
From this moment on, I have been drawing and drawing and drawing.
If you have a wall that needs my hand-drawn graphics - write to me: