Travel bags

The garbanota Travel Bag is light and roomy. Suitable for sports or dancing.
Travel bag made entirely of a fabric that resembles suede. A little time to shape, without packing inside.


Backpacks are lightweight and durable. It lies comfortably on your shoulders. Inside there is a curly lining and two pockets. One zipped, one deep and open.

Shoulder bags

With different shoulder straps, the curly shoulder bag can be changed in an instant.
HANDBAGS OVER FIVE are lightweight and roomy. Fits comfortably on the shoulder. Inside curly lining and pocket.

Garbanota creation

About me

I love life - my mother, my children, my husband, my friends and family, a good cinema, a delicious dinner, red lips, nail polish, my curly hair, good shoes and many, many other things. And CREATION is the great love of my life. I believe that by creating for you, I will share these good emotions and help you to create a more cosy, original and loving home and environment.Curly was born when I met my husband Andrius. Thanks to him, I became calm inside and started to evolve as a woman and an artist. I believed in myself and in my understanding of what is beautiful. I listened to myself and started to create.

The first garbanota step was tentative but firm. We drew a butterfly on his feet with our first-born Jurgis - YOUR BABY'S BUTTERFLY - and it was amazing. It still hangs in George's room. I have been working intensively on this product for a good year and have travelled all over Lithuania. Fairs, exhibitions and lively interaction with you.

And then, it was time to paint. The first painting, THIS IS A WOMAN, was born and changed everything. From that painting, I started making backpacks, handbags, cosmetic bags with my paintings. Portraits of women abound. Lolita, Izabela, Veronica, Roxana, Susan, MARGO and many, many others.
Why women? Because they are so beautiful, so enchanting, so different and yet so similar. No matter how many of them I write, another and another and another keeps popping into my head.
I started to expand my product range. I designed a line of sweatshirts, t-shirts, placemats, aprons, key rings, wide shoulder bags, towels and travel bags. So much already today. Bravo!!!

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